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Teresa Cooper's, No2abuse covers news, articles and includes the Kendall House Review, Report and the New Kendall House Addendum Report - published November 2016 and released by the Bishop a month later, during the Christmas season to cause further distress and bury bad news. The original report was commissioned in 2014 by the Right Reverend James Langstaff, Bishop of Rochester, on behalf of the Church of England, Dioceses of Canterbury and Rochester. 'Trust no one' a hard hitting book - authored by Teresa, made number one on Amazon in several genres and was later translated into Swedish and Danish. Teresa became the foundation that exposed the horrific abuse in the notorious Church of England children's home for girls. The Kendall House addendum report opened with an official credit and acknowledgement to Teresa Cooper's 30 year battle for justice. A campaign that took a shocking toll on her life and family.

Media Includes special BBC reports: Sedation linked to birth defects. Kendall House. and Living with the legacy of care by Angus Stickler.

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Kendall House Campaigner & Author Teresa Cooper Officially Acknowledged & Credited By Review Panel

18th Dec 2016 | in About Teresa Cooper | Kendall House Child Abuse News | Child Abuse | Child Protection | General News | Social Care | Interviews. Exclusive! | Reports and Downloads |

Dr Sue Proctor and Ray Galloway Credit Teresa Cooper For Her Thirty Year Battle That Brought About The Kendall House Review, Reports And Justice.

The latest Official Addendum Report has given Teresa Cooper, much deserved credit for her three decade struggle, hard work and determination to get justice against all the odds. Teresa took a stand that lasted a staggering thirty years without help, support or thanks. The report has given this remarkable woman an extraordinary credit and well deserved acknowledgement.

The New Kendall House addendum report is opened with the powerful acknowledgement and statement by Dr Sue Proctor and Ray Galloway.

“Teresa has worked relentlessly to try to make the church understand, accept and act in response to her concerns about the abusive practices at Kendall House.

“Through lobbying, researching, and detailed analysis, she has supported many other former residents to seek affirmation of their experiences, as well as working on her own process of recovery.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank Teresa Cooper for all her efforts, and her struggles in seeking the truth about Kendall House.

“In respect of this review, we are most grateful for her contribution, in her interview and her emails, and to all who participated, for showing such courage in speaking with us.”

The panel also acknowledges Miss Coopers many complaints spanning over a thirty year period that brought about the Kendall House review.

Miss Cooper heavily criticised the Bishop of Rochester’s handling of the review, the terms of reference that contained inaccurate information - that was designed to exclude three decades of complaints to the Church of England, Kent Police and EX Minister MP Eric Pickles - it also excluded the birth defects of children born to Kendall House residents despite the church admission in writing.

Ms Cooper suffered regular onslaughts from those trying to silence her over the years with much damage done to her life as a direct result. Kent police recently sent the media a confidential report that clearly identified Teresa Cooper after the original Kendall House report was published in a vain bid to once against attempt to blacken Teresa’s name. They blanked out parts of the report to make themselves look innocent of their failures but the blanks were filled in and will be published excusively on That confidential report is condemning for Kent police. It appears the police took a leaf out of MP Eric Pickles book HERE. Breaching data protection is the ‘in thing’ when cherry picking how to take a survivor down by misuse of the police and government system and abusng ones professional position.

No2abuse and Teresa Cooper would like to thank Journalist Tom Acres, from Kent Online - for his exceptional reporting on the Kendall House abuse scandal and for his continued support in exposing the ongoing wrong doings

Read one of Tom’s news stories on Kendall House. Kendall House: More harrowing accounts of historic abuse at Church of England children’s home in Gravesend

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